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Benefits Of Having Enclosed End Tables

End tables are a valuable part of every living room. If you have a large space, you might have multiple end tables throughout the room. For example, an end table at each end of your sofa and beside one or more of your chairs may be an idea that you like. Even if your living room is on the smaller side, you'll certainly want at least one end table that you can place next to where you sit the most. Furniture stores carry all sorts of end tables. You'll often see those that have open designs and those that are enclosed with sides, a back, and a front. Here are three benefits of enclosed end tables. 

Less Clutter

End tables generally have multiple shelves beneath their top to store small items, which means that most families fill up the shelves of these tables with various items. These items are visible on the shelves of an open-end table, which can sometimes give your living room a cluttered and chaotic appearance. If you're the type of person who favors more of a minimalist and calm look, an enclosed end table design may be preferable. Regardless of how much you store on the table's shelves, the items will be out of sight and thus won't create visual clutter.


Some people like how enclosed end tables offer a higher level of privacy than end tables that have an open design. You may have certain things that you keep on a table's shelves that you don't necessarily want to draw the attention of people when they visit your home. For example, if you're quietly struggling with your weight and have a book or magazine about weight loss on the end table shelf, you'll appreciate that the table's enclosed design will keep this content out of sight of your guests so that they don't discuss this topic with you.

Ideal With Pets

An end table that has an enclosed design can also be a good choice in a home that has pets. Sometimes, you may wish to store consumable items in an end table for easy access. For example, you might like the idea of having a bag of mixed nuts on one of the shelves so that the snacks are easy to reach when you're sitting on the couch nearby. A pet may be able to reach the bag of nuts and eat it if you have an open-end table, but this task would be more difficult with an enclosed design.

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