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Issues That Occur With Plastic Chair Mats

Chair mats provide protection for floors and allow a chair to glide smoothly over the surface. If you have a plastic chair mat or are considering a cheap one, you may want to consider alternate options. More durable materials like glass have more advantages and can serve as an ideal replacement for plastic chair mat products.

Check out some of the issues that can occur if you choose to keep or purchase a plastic chair mat.


A clear plastic mat may not stay clear forever. The breakdown of molecules in plastic could cause the mat to change colors over time. Several factors can lead to color changes. For example, sun exposure could cause the plastic to turn yellow. Cigarette smoke can also cause the mat to change color.

Spilled drinks or other liquids could also lead to color changes within the plastic. The same does not occur for glass chair mats. The mats will remain clear and UV light exposure will not cause any discoloration.

Static Electricity

Plastic is a known conductor for static electricity. You may feel the static electricity go up through your legs when you use the mat often. The static cling can also make the mat harder to clean. For example, pet hair and human hair can stick to the mat and make it hard to remove. The little annoyance builds up over time and becomes a hassle.

Curled Edges

Plastic can change shape over time. Pressure and weight applied to the plastic can cause the edges to curl. High heat or humidity can also impact the plastic featured on the mats. Curled edges could present challenges as you try to roll your chair around the mat. The curled edges could also become an annoyance to your feet.

A thicker and more durable material like glass will remain in the same position as when you first bought it.

Ridges & Grooves

As you use a plastic mat, you may notice the weight of a computer chair creates ridges and grooves in the material. Often, plastic is not strong enough to maintain the same shape over time, especially if you keep a chair in the same general position. The grooves could create challenges as you try to roll the chair around or move it.

A stronger mat with glass properties will not change shape or create the grooves. You can roll a chair smoothly all around the office area.

Shop at furniture stores to find more durable mats that you can replace plastic ones with. If your looking for a replacement for plastic chair mats, contact a professional near you