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Comparing 3 Of The Most Common Dining Room Table Materials

Dining room tables are one of the most important pieces of furniture in many homes since they are used frequently. As with any furniture, the material your dining room table is made of will have a big impact on its durability. Here is a comparison of three common dining room table materials so you can find the perfect fit for your dining room.

Wood Tables

A wood dining room table is a classic choice for homes of any style. Wood owes its ubiquitousness in residential furniture to its abundance as well as its unique strengths. Wooden tables are naturally resistant to heat, pressure, and scratches. This is especially true of tables made from hardwoods such as oak.

For all its durability, a wooden tabletop has one significant weakness compared to those made of other materials: moisture. Spilled liquids will soak into the porous surface of a wood tabletop relatively quickly. Homeowners with wood dining tables should be cautious about liquid spills due to the higher risk of staining that comes with this material.

Stone Tables

Nothing will add an air of sophistication to your dining area more than a table topped with natural stone. Marble and granite tabletops can be found in a variety of colors to match any decor, and the organic texture of stone always makes a dramatic impression.

The sturdiness and impact resistance of stone tabletops are unmatched, but they don't come without a cost. Stone dining tables are significantly heavier than tables made of other materials, so you may want to take this into consideration if you are a frequent furniture mover. 

Glass Tables

If you're interested in a more contemporary look for your dining room, a glass table should be at the top of your list. Glass tables often use metal in their construction for an ultra-modern aesthetic. A glass tabletop will create the illusion of more space in your dining area and will make cleaning up after each meal a breeze.

Glass tabletops are frequently made of tempered glass for added resistance to shattering. However, the glass is unlikely to be able to withstand the same level of force as wood or stone. Be careful with dishes and other heavy items above your glass table so you can avoid an irreparable shatter. Coasters and tablecloths are recommended for glass tables to protect them from scratches and chips.

Choosing the right dining room table takes a bit of planning, but you will thank yourself for years to come if you weigh your options carefully. Remember to take advantage of these tips when it's time to upgrade your dining room furniture!