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Why a Wicker Dresser Can Be a Good Choice for Your Bedroom

When you picture a dresser that you'll buy for your bedroom, the first look that comes to mind may be a dresser made of solid wood. While there are all sorts of wooden dressers on the market, a visit to a furniture store will present you with some other styles, too. Another option that you'll frequently find is wicker. Wicker dressers are available in several sizes and shapes, as well as colors — for example, you might find a dresser in which the wicker has a natural brown color, or come across a model in which the wicker is white. Here are some reasons that a wicker dresser can be a good choice.

It Provides Visual Contrast

In most bedrooms, there are a lot of things that are made of solid wood. For example, your bed may have a wooden frame, your bedside table may be made of wood, and there may be other wooden elements around the space — perhaps hardwood flooring and a wood-framed mirror on the wall. A wicker dresser can be ideal because it provides visual contrast. Instead of having a solid appearance like other elements in the room, the light, woven look of the dresser can work well.

It's Light and Easy to Move

If you're the type of person who often moves your furniture, you might favor buying pieces that are on the lighter side. For example, if you're a college student who will be moving between your family's home and an apartment near the college at the start and end of the school year for the next few years, light furniture can often make the move easier and more pleasant. A wicker dresser will generally weigh much less than a dresser made of solid wood, making it easier to pick up and carry.

It Offers a Rustic Style

A lot of people enjoy shopping for pieces of furniture that have a rustic look. While there are lots of dressers that have a modern style, a wicker dresser can often give you the rustic look that you want. This can especially be true if the dresser has a light brown color that gives it somewhat of an aged or worn appearance. In a bedroom that has other rustic elements — perhaps a wool area rug and a brick veneer accent wall — a wicker dresser can be a good fit. Browse the selection of wicker dressers at a furniture store in your community.