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Top Reasons To Buy A Murphy Bed For Your Tiny House

If you are in the process of building a tiny house, or if you already live in a tiny house but are interested in making some changes to it, then it might be time to start looking into Murphy beds. Basically, Murphy beds are beds that are installed on the wall but that can be pulled down for use. Murphy beds are used for many different reasons, but they are particularly ideal for tiny houses. These are some of the reasons why you might want to think about buying a Murphy bed for your tiny house if you haven't decided to already.

Make Your Tiny House Even Smaller

If you are in the planning stages of building your tiny house, then you might be wondering just how small you can go with your tiny house. After all, you might be hoping to keep your building costs to a minimum, or you might be interested in living the most minimalistic lifestyle that you can. If you're going to be pulling your tiny house behind your vehicle or setting it up on a small lot, then you might want to keep it as small as you can to make things easier, too. If you opt for a Murphy bed instead of a traditional bed, you might find that you will not need quite as much square footage to accommodate a bed. This means that you can potentially make your tiny house even smaller than you might have originally planned.

Enjoy More Square Footage During the Day

Even though you might not mind living in a tiny house, there might be times when you wish that you had a little more square footage. If you currently have a traditional bed, you can open up a lot of free square footage for yourself during the day by swapping out your traditional bed for a Murphy bed. Soon, you might find that tiny home living doesn't feel quite so tiny after all.

Enjoy a Bigger Bed

If your tiny home is like many others, there might not be much space for a larger bed. If you are going to be sharing your bed with someone else — or if you simply like to have a lot of space — then you might want a bigger bed. If you opt for a Murphy bed, you might find that you will be able to have room for a bigger bed in your tiny house than you thought, which can make sleeping in your tiny home a lot more comfortable.

For more information about different Murphy beds, like a queen-size Murphy bed, contact a local furniture store.