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Helpful Tips for Using a Sit-Stand Desk in Your Home Office

Whether you are paying monthly bills, working on household paperwork, or working a full-time job from home, sitting for extended periods of time can be difficult. You are more likely to experience fatigue with static sitting, and it can also lead to backaches and poor health. Adding a sit-stand desk to your home office will encourage you to move more throughout your day.

Seek professional advice for set up

The electronic function on a sit-stand desk enables you to raise and lower the desk to a height that is comfortable for you. However, the position that feels right may not be best for your body type. Having a professional work with you initially can help you establish the height that works best for you and can help you prevent backaches from poor posture.

Finding someone who is familiar with good office ergonomics is best. You may also talk to a physical therapist who will have knowledge of healthy work ergonomics and can offer you suggestions for striking the perfect balance between comfort and proper posture.  

Adapt to your desk slowly

Avoid following rigid standards when you first begin using your desk. For instance, you may see recommendations to alternate from sitting to standing position every few minutes, hours, etc. It is best to ease into the use of your new desk to give your body time to adapt.

This is especially important if you are sedentary and spend most of your workday seated. Rushing into standing for extended periods of time can place strain on your leg and back muscles.

Listen to your body

Once you establish a comfortable routine for working at your new sit-stand desk, let your body tell you if your schedule is working well. If you find your feet are killing you by the end of your workday, you will likely need to adjust your intervals of sitting and standing. Other signs to watch for are excessive fatigue, backaches, or knee pain that can occur with static standing for long periods of time.

A sit-stand desk is a smart investment for your home office. Having the ability to alternate between standing and sitting, as you perform home or work tasks at your desk, can help you lessen the fatigue that may occur with static sitting. Setting up your new desk properly, and giving yourself time to adjust, will make the transition from a standard desk to a sit-stand desk successful.

To learn more, visit a sit-stand desk supplier near you.