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Tips On Shopping For A Dresser

A dresser is a piece of furniture you probably use every day. After the bed, it's usually the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom. Dressers come in innumerable styles, so you can certainly find one that fits your décor. You also want one that's of good quality. Keep reading for advice that can help you find an attractive, quality dresser that meets your needs.

Measure Your Space

Before you ever head out to shop for furniture, you should measure your space. Be realistic about what space you have. Measure for height, width, and depth. That last measurement is especially important because you don't want your dresser to jut out into a walking space. If possible, place an object in that space and test if it impedes movement.

Make Sure You're Choosing the Right Furniture

Many people use the terms dresser and chest of drawers interchangeably. However, they are different pieces of furniture. A chest of drawers is tall and narrow. A dresser is low and long. Experts recommend dressers for long, plain walls. Dressers are low enough that you can hang a mirror above them — some come with attached mirrors. Use the measurements you took as guidance.

Consider Your Mirror Options

The attached mirror will go a long way toward driving the style of your dresser. The mirror can be a plain square or rectangle, an oval, or a fancier shape. Most dresser mirrors feature frames that match the furniture's materials. You can also buy a mirror separate from the dresser. Keep proportions in mind, though — the mirror should be narrower than the dresser.

Focus on Smooth Drawer Operation

As you go out to shop for dressers, work all the drawers. You want to ensure every draw operates smoothly. Some feature slides for specific purposes, such as smooth glide or soft close. Some are metal and others are wood. The drawers are the only moving part, so you want to be sure you won't fight with them in the mornings.

Look at the Finish

Your décor preferences will drive what finish you choose. Dresser finishes range from natural stained wood to lacquer. Generally speaking, quality pieces will feature more steps in the finish process. You can also look into specialty finishes such as glazes and distressing. Glazes settle into the trim work to emphasize the details. Distressed finishes make the dresser look timeworn.

Examine the Carpentry

The way the manufacturers joined the dresser together is a sign of quality. Dovetail joints feature edge cutouts that fit together to create the seam. They're stronger than glue and nails. Additionally, when you pull out the drawers, make sure the manufacturers finished the edges of the drawer sides so they don't snag your clothes.

Try the above tips to find an attractive, quality dresser.

For more information, reach out to a local furniture store.