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Essential Pieces Of Furniture For A Cottage

If you've just bought a cottage, one of your first priorities will likely be to furnish it. There are several different ways that you can approach doing so. Some people want their cottages to be rustic, and they choose furniture that suits this look. Others prefer a look that is more contemporary and proceed with modern-style furniture. Regardless of the exact style that you're going for, there are a number of pieces of furniture that you'll find extremely useful in your cottage. Beyond the usual items such as tables and chairs, here are some essential pieces to buy at a local furniture store.

Bunk Beds

While there are certainly some cottages that are spacious, most cottages tend to have a limited amount of space. If you envision large family gatherings at the cottage in the years ahead, you'll need to think about providing room for everyone to sleep. One of the best pieces of furniture that you can buy for a cottage is a bunk bed — and, in most cases, you may want to buy a few of them. One option is to set up one bedroom with a series of bunk beds and use this room for all of the children in your extended family.

Pull-Out Couches

It's common to have a couple of couches in the living room of a cottage. Regardless of the specific design that you choose, you should plan to buy pull-out models at your local furniture store. In addition to providing comfortable seating space during the day, pull-out couches will offer sleeping space for your overnight guests. Two pull-out couches, for example, can increase the number of people who can comfortably stay at your cottage overnight by four, given that pull-out couches can typically accommodate two sleepers.

Swinging Bench

It's important to not only think about the furniture that you want inside of your cottage but to also consider the furniture that can augment the space outside of it. If the cottage is equipped with a covered porch, there are several pieces of furniture that can be a good fit in this space. One option, in particular, is a swinging bench. Many people enjoy sitting on benches outside, but a bench that hangs from hardware overhead and allows gentle swinging can be even more fun to sit on. Whether you're hanging out in the spot and enjoying a glass of lemonade or your children or grandchildren are eager to do a little swinging, this is a perfect piece of furniture for a cottage.