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Are You Decorating Your New Office On A Tight Budget?

If you are decorating a new office and you're doing so on a budget, maybe you are looking for ideas that will help you. Here are some thoughts that might help you to save some cash and decorate your office in an attractive way.

First, consider the look you want to establish as you decorate. For instance, if you want a modern look, think of finding a store that sells used office furniture by well known German designers and those who have been inspired by them. For a contemporary look, you'll want to find office furniture that is designed with simplicity in mind, but also with a creative bend. Have you seen tulip-style chairs? They're not only attractive but also comfortable. A tulip-style chair won't just work well as your desk chair, but as occasional chairs that you can offer clients and others who visit your office. If you want a desk chair on wheels, think of buying one that has unusual spider-like wheels which will establish the contemporary look you are looking for. 

Maybe you want to mix a traditional look with your contemporary furniture. If so, consider buying a desk made of mahogany or other dark wood. Choose a filing cabinet and a floor-to-ceiling shelf made of the same type of wood. Remember to select furniture with straight and simple lines as the primary design. By doing so, you'll be successful in blending a traditional look with a contemporary one.

When you find a used office furniture store, you might be lucky enough to see showrooms with complete sets of furniture in place. That might be the perfect grouping for you. However, if you aren't happy with that total look, don't hesitate to ask the salesperson if you can mix and match pieces of furniture. For instance, you might love a metal desk from one group, but you might like a desk chair from a different group more. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, ask the salesperson for help. It might be that you'll be super lucky to find an entire set of used furniture that is reduced for a quick sale.

The used furniture store will probably also carry artwork that will work well in your new office. If you want to stick with just a contemporary theme, look for modernistic photographs or posters that are placed in metal or plastic frames. If you decide to mix traditional furniture with contemporary pieces, look for prints of paintings that have gold frames.

Contact a furniture store to learn more about your options, including used Knoll furniture.