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3 Reasons To Get A Standing Desk For Your Home Office

With all the publicity about sitting too much being bad for your health, you might be trying to fit more activity in your day. If you work at a computer or talk on the phone and need to be at a desk all day, consider buying a standing desk for your home office. You can create a setup that allows you to be active most of the day while you work. Here are three ways a standing desk is beneficial.

1. You Can Alternate Between Sitting And Standing

You probably don't want to stand all day, so a good desk to buy is one you can change from sitting to standing with an easy maneuver. This allows you to continue your workflow while moving from a sitting to a standing position and then back again. This movement helps with blood flow in your legs and feet and also relieves tension in your back and neck if you have poor posture while you sit.

2. You Can Be More Mobile

You probably have several opportunities during the day to walk around or get in quick movement, but it's hard to do if you have to get up from a seated position each time. When you're working at a standing desk, you can walk around, even if you have to walk in circles or do knee bends and other activities any time you have a few seconds to spare.

If you need to use headphones, you can buy a wireless one so you're not tethered to the desk. Then you can take frequent breaks from standing in one place by moving around. If you're trying to gain the most health benefits, such as burning calories or keeping blood sugar normal, then moving is even more important than simply standing.

3. You Can Stay Awake Easier

When you sit in the same position all day, it's easy to get tired and zoned out. This causes a dip in your productivity and makes you less enthusiastic about your work. When you can stand and move around, you'll fight off boredom and sleepiness. You may have more energy and an uplifted mood that helps you be more interested in your work and increases your productivity.

Standing desks are popular, so they are easy to find and come in different styles. Some are at a fixed height, while others can be adjusted for an ergonomic fit. If you want to avoid the health hazards of sitting for hours each day as you work, then look into getting a standing office desk so you can work and be more active at the same time.