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Types Of Furniture To Use When Planning An Office

One of the first steps in an office planning project is to decide what furniture should be in the office. The furniture has a massive impact on both how well people work and how everything in the office space is arranged. If you're about to start an office planning project, consider incorporating these types of furniture into your new office design.

Small, Height-Adjustable Desks

Regardless of what your overall office planning strategy is, people will need a place to work. For the majority of workers, the ideal solution is a small desk that has a height-adjustment feature. 

Height-adjustable desks can be tailored to different worker heights for a more ergonomic solution. By getting desks rather than tables, you can arrange the desks in multiple layouts and everyone can adjust their workstation according to their own preference. Tables and larger desks will leave you with fewer layout options should you want to rearrange items in the future.

Rolling, Height-Adjustable Office Chairs

The office chairs you select should also be adjustable so that workers can further adjust their workstation setup so that it's ergonomic for them. Chairs should also have wheels, as these allow workers to both move around their workstation quickly and turn to collaborate with a nearby coworker easily.

Wall Mirrors

Mirrors might not seem like an essential piece of office furniture, but well-placed wall mirrors can improve an office in two ways. First, large wall mirrors can be located near windows to increase how much natural light is reflected throughout the office. As sunlight bounces off of a mirror, it'll further brighten a significant portion of the office space. This both has an aesthetic benefit and can help increase productivity, as natural light has been shown to improve how productive people are.

Large Desks

While small desks are likely appropriate for most workers, certain people will need a larger desk. The office receptionist, for example, will need space to spread out incoming mail, outgoing mail, and other documents. Some higher-level workers might also need more space to spread out documents or reference materials.

Determine who in the office needs a larger desk, and work directly with them to figure out what the larger desk should be like. You might not be able to get a height-adjustable desk that's big, so you need to take into account the individual worker's body and needs as you select a large desk. 

To learn more, contact an office space designer.