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Can't Afford An Entire Room Of Luxury Furniture? High-Low Decorating Tips For Your Dining Room

A piece of luxury furniture can drastically improve the look and feel of your dining room. However, if you're like most people, you might be on a budget that prevents you from outfitting the entire space with luxury pieces. If you're in this predicament, learn how you can take a high-low approach to incorporate luxury furniture into this space. 

Let Function Take the Lead

If you can only afford one or two luxury furniture pieces for your dining room and you're trying to decide which pieces to choose, let function take the lead. Luxury pieces don't just look great, but they are also built to stand the test of time. So, it's much better to invest in luxury pieces that you'll use the most. 

Typically, in a dining room, these pieces include a dining table and the chairs, since these surfaces will get the most use. Save the lower-end purchases for pieces like a buffet or credenza since you won't use these pieces as much. If you can't afford both a high-end table and a set of chairs, at least invest in the table. 

Choose Buildable Designs

If you have to take a high-low approach to decorate your dining room, you should choose luxury furniture pieces that have buildable designs. This approach will make it easier to pair your high-end luxury pieces with low-end pieces. 

Buildable pieces are those that are easy to pair with other pieces. For example, an investment in luxury upholstered dining chairs designed in a neutral color, such as brown, are much easier to pair with other pieces in the room than blue or green chairs would be. Given this example, even if the chairs are high end and the table is on the lower end, if the two look like they match, it can make the table look more expensive. 

Look for Statement Pieces

If you have the room left in your budget, you should also invest in a luxury statement furniture piece. A table in a unique shape, an ornate sculpture, or a richly designed shelving unit can transform the entire room, and again, breathe a sense of luxury into the pieces in the room that are less expensive. 

As an added tip, choose a statement piece in a unique color. Not only will this type of addition improve the richness of the room, but it will also make the room more stylish and attractive. 

Keep these decorating tips in mind as you outfit your space with luxury furniture pieces. Look into companies like Mathews Furniture + Design for more information.