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The Top Questions to Ask When Shopping for Mattresses

Do you need to furnish your new home's bedroom? If a bed is on your must-buy list, take a look at what you need to know before shopping for mattresses.

What Size Do You Need?

Even though you might want a California king, an extra-large sized bed may not fit your space. Your mattress options include, from narrow to wide—twin, full, queen, king, and California king. If you don't have space restrictions, choose a width that:

Along with width, you also have length options. An extra-long mattress is ideal if you're tall or need foot-of-the-bed space for your pet.

What's Your Favorite Firmness?

Now that you've chosen a size, you need to select a firmness. Like with size, you have several different firmness options. To choose the best firmness for your needs:

While size and firmness are major issues to consider, these aren't the only factors. Read on for more information on what else you need to think about before you buy a brand-new bed.

What Type of Material Do You Want?

The internal structure of your bed can create a firmer, softer, or generally more comfortable feel. The most common inner materials include:

Whether you prefer a wide, firm coil mattress or a narrow, soft memory foam bed, you have plenty of choices. Try a few different combinations, read reviews, and select the bedroom centerpiece that feels just right to you.