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Flooring Design Concepts To Consider For Your New Modern Kitchen

Whether you are upgrading your kitchen to make it more modern or you have recently purchased a home and it needs new kitchen designs, the way to make your home more desirable is to invest in the flooring. In many cases, new flooring can be a benefit that no other upgrade can match, and floor design can add personal value to an otherwise unimpressive living area.

Your kitchen is badly in need of an upgrade and you want the new furnishings and appliances to stand out once your upgrades have been done. Here are some flooring design concepts to consider for your newly modernized kitchen.

Checkered patterns

Perhaps one of the most classic kitchen designs when it comes to floors is checkered patterns. This is a patterned design that resembles that of a classic diner, and is often done in black and white. Other checkered designs can also be considered for a more modern approach to flooring design, such as gold and black checkers, larger checker designs, or even multiple colors to combine the appeal of mosaic and checkered patterns.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood floors are beautiful and ornate in the kitchen, but if you don't want to spring for more expensive hardwoods for your kitchen floors, consider doing a vinyl hardwood flooring design instead. Vinyl and other flooring options, such as laminate, can mimic the grain and color of natural hardwood without the cost of installation and the maintenance needs.

You can mix and match hardwood flooring styles, like a cherry wood with old reclaimed barn wood, for a more contemporary approach to hardwood — both in natural hardwood designs or alternative flooring materials — or stick to a solid color for your kitchen for a streamlined appeal. Use your appliances as inspiration when choosing the new floor design for your kitchen space.

Mosaic tiles

A mosaic pattern design on your floors brings a more contemporary kitchen with lots of copper influences in the appliances to life. Likewise, mosaic tiles or patterns allow a charming and cheeky kitchen to stay fluid throughout. Consider mosaic tiles for the kitchen floor or choose a single mosaic pattern for the flooring, then add a solid ceramic tile design surrounding the mosaic tiles for a complete look that is not too overwhelming for the kitchen space.

Your kitchen furnishings and appliances can be brought to life with the right flooring designs. Your furniture specialist can help you select the best flooring for your needs so you choose options that work well for you. 

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