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Should You Get A Light Or Dark Sofa?

If you are planning on getting a new sofa, then you may be going back and forth with whether you should go with a light or a dark colored sofa. In some cases, the decision is easy for someone because the décor of their home may dictate which way they should go. However, if your home's décor leaves the decision more open, then there are some things you should ask yourself in order to decide which would be best for your home. 

You have a small space

If the space that you are getting a sofa for is fairly small, then you should consider that a darker soda can cause the space to seem even smaller. However, a lighter colored sofa can help the space to feel more open. Of course, the placement of the sofa will also be important when furnishing a small area. You won't want to place the sofa where it will further cut into an open space and make the room look smaller than it already is. 

You want to create separate areas

If you have a very large space and you want to create obvious separate areas in the space, then a dark sofa can help you to do this. A large and dark sofa can create a separate area when it is placed in a manner that acts as an obvious border. Keep in mind that you can place a couch table along the back of the sofa if you would like that look more than having the back of your sofa so exposed. 

You have kids

Whether you have small children or teenagers, they tend to be hard on sofas. From jumping on them to spilling food and drinks on them or even getting their shoes on them when they are relaxing, you can find that a light sofa will get dirty quickly. When you clean it, the sofa can end up dirty again soon after. This is why you might want to go with a darker sofa when you have kids in the home. 

The space is dark

If you are looking for a sofa for a space that is quite dark, then you might want to bring in a light colored sofa. The lighter color of the sofa will help to lighten up the look and feel of the area that you have put it in.

No matter what color you choose, you should have plenty of options. For more information on sofa options, including Alenya sofas, contact a local furniture store.