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Are You Decorating A Home Office/Guest Room?

Do you have a bedroom that you want to use for a home office? Your only concern is that you have frequent out-of-town visitors who stay at your house overnight, and, sometimes. even for longer periods of time. Are you looking for ideas that will give you both a guest room and a home office at the same time? If so, keep reading for some ideas that might save the day.

When you and your spouse were student newlyweds, maybe you lived in a tiny apartment that had a bed right inside the wall. During the day you'd have space to set up a card table and folding chairs so you could have a place to eat your meals and to do homework. When nighttime came, you'd simply pull the bed out of the wall and you'd have a cozy place to sleep. Think of taking that plan up a notch as you choose furniture for your office/guest room.


Buy A Custom Wood Wall Bed - Today's wall beds aren't just practical, they're gorgeous, too. The bonus is that they're very easy to set up and take down. You just have to decide the style you want and then go shopping. 

Buy Complementary Office Furniture - Remember, the whole point of buying a custom wall bed is that the room will also be used as your home office.With that in mind, think of the kind of office furniture you'll want to buy in order to complement the wall bed you select.

Choose complementary linens for the custom wall bed. For instance, go with fancy white sheets for an elegant look, a geometric pattern for the linens that will go on your contemporary bed, and plaid linens for the rustic wall bed.

If you are interested in custom wood wall beds, contact a professional near you.