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5 Ways To Display Throw Blankets On Your Sofa

Throw blankets have many uses. For instance, as experts point out, throw blankets offer good protection in case you have pets. This protection is ideal if you've just purchased a new sofa. Of course, designers will tell you throw blankets are also an excellent method for showing off your sofa. Thinking about getting a new alenya sofa for sale? These tips are good for this couch as well.

Keep reading for ways to display throw blankets to accentuate your sofa.

1. Folded across the Arm

If you like the neat lines of your sofa, you may want the throw blanket to be discreet. You can still enjoy the accentuation of the throw while keeping the focus on your sofa. Start by folding the blanket in half lengthwise and then half again crosswise. Place it neatly so it hangs off of one arm of the sofa.

2. Folded across a Cushion and Arm

Another option is to fold your blanket in thirds. Start with the blanket lengthwise, and neatly fold it so it's in three even parts. An attractive way to display the blanket is partially draped over one sofa cushion and arm. This method breaks up the lines of your sofa while still accentuating its neatness. Use this method if you value the structure of your sofa.

3. Folded down the Center

You can draw further attention to your sofa if you give it a "racing stripe." First, fold the blanket in thirds as described above. Next, place it dead center on your sofa. You'll drape it lengthwise across the back and cushions of the sofa. This placement is a good way to play with the proportions of your sofa in a modern style.

4. Draped across the Corner

If you like a more casual approach, consider a drape instead of a fold. You'll still fold the blanket, but only partially. You want to tuck the straight corners in while keeping the overall look soft. Once you have the shape you want, drape the blanket across the corner of the sofa, which will give the piece a cozy ambience.

5. Draped over the Arm

If you want more interplay between the sofa and the throw, perhaps because the blanket highlights the sofa's color, pull the drape onto the cushions. So, you'll fold it as described above. Start with that drape across the corner. However, pull the blanket down so it partially covers the arm and cushion. This method will draw attention to the whole piece of furniture.

You can draw attention to your sofa by accentuating it with a throw blanket.