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Add Vintage Chests And Antique Or Modern Furnishings To Your Living Room

Vintage chests can be used to make a statement or to define two distinct areas in your living room. Pair the chests with some antique or modern furnishings to acquire a setting that is reminiscent of the time era that you prefer.

Begin With The Chests

Antique chests can be purchased from a furniture store that sells vintage items or from an estate sale or a flea market. Some vintage pieces may not be in perfect condition, especially if a former owner did not take measures to preserve the materials that a chest is constructed of. Although you may come across some chests that aren't in pristine condition, you can restore the materials that are blemished or show signs of deterioration.

A chest that is aesthetically compromised will likely be less expensive than a piece that is in mint condition and you may enjoy adding your own personal touches to a vintage piece that is in need of improvements. Try to come up with a color scheme or pattern that you would like to add to a room in your home to assist with picking out some chests that will be sufficient for the project.

For instance, if you would like to use a retro piece, but would like to add a modern spin to the furnishing, consider adding a painted motif across the top or sides of a chest. Look for some chests that will support the artwork that you have in mind and that possess brass or iron embellishments that will complement the design scheme that you have chosen.

If you decide to go with a more traditional look and are planning on purchasing some antique furnishings to complement a couple of chests, look for antique chests that possess a weathered look or that contain original details that you are fond of.

Think About Your Storage Or Function Preferences

A chest can be used as a coffee table or you can stack up a couple chests to create an elevated platform that can be used as a makeshift workstation. If the room that the chests will be placed in tends to get cluttered on a routine basis, use the chests for your storage needs. Board games, books, work-related materials, and outerwear can all be stowed away inside of the chests, allowing you and your houseguests to enjoy a cup of coffee or a board game, without being surrounded by a mess.

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