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Three Things You'll Appreciate About a Lift-Up Storage Bed

Instead of dust, lint, and the odd sock that you lost while doing laundry occupying the space beneath your bed, it's ideal to use this space for storage. If you're in the market for a new bed, make a point of looking at the different bed models that have storage beneath them. The addition of a bed with storage space can significantly increase your ability to tidily store things in your bedroom, which can help to reduce clutter. Generally, you'll find that storage beds either have drawers or they lift up to reveal storage space. Here are some things to like about the latter bed design.

The Storage Space Is Large

A bed with drawers beneath it provides you with lots of storage space, but there are several individual spaces instead of one large one. If you have some significant storage needs — for example, you want to store a thick duvet for a king-sized bed — you may find that it won't fit in any single drawer. In such a scenario, a left-up storage bed will be a good choice because you have the entire space inside of the bed frame to use as storage.

You Don't Have To Kneel

If you have back problems or are elderly, the idea of bending down to pull a drawer out from under the bed may be a little daunting. This can especially be true if you're not sure where you stored something and you anticipate pulling out multiple drawers to search through them. You may strongly prefer a bed that lifts up to reveal the storage space below the mattress. While you'll need to bend slightly to retrieve the item that you're looking for, you'll appreciate being able to stand while you look for it.

Lifting Is Easier Than You Might Think

Initially, you might feel concerned about your ability to lift up the top of the bed and the mattress, as they can weigh a lot. You'll be able to put your mind at rest when you realize that the lifting process is far easier than you might think. These beds are generally equipped with hydraulics, which means that once you gently pull up on the end of the bed, the set of hydraulics will do the work for you. You'll likely appreciate how easily the bed raises into the upper position so that you can access the storage compartment beneath it. Similarly, when you pull down on the bed to close it, you'll need to expend minimal effort to do so.

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