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Keep Quiet In Mind When You Shop For Office Furniture

The noise level in your office might be the last thing on your mind when you shop for office furniture, but it's something to consider. When a workplace is quiet, employees have an easier time concentrating on their tasks. Conversely, a noisy workplace is one that breeds interruptions and may affect productivity. When you're buying new pieces of office furniture, there are several criteria that you'll want to keep in mind. Don't forget to assess how well each product contributes to the quiet of the office. Here are some specific products that will help in this regard.

Quiet-Closing Drawers

Every office needs desks, and it's important to assess how the drawers on the desks that you're planning to buy open and close. A workplace can get noisy due to the sound of people slamming their drawers shut. The average office worker may open his or her desk drawers multiple times a day, and closing them loudly even part of the time can generate considerable noise that people can hear around the office. Many desks today have quiet-closing drawers. Even if you attempt to slam one shut, the hardware will prevent it from slamming and, instead, will close it quietly.

Rubber Chair Floor Mats

If you're buying chair pads to place in some or all of your offices, you generally have the choice of those that have plastic surfaces and those that have rubber surfaces. Many offices use the former type, but this design can sometimes be noisy. As the plastic wheels of the chair roll across the plastic floor mat, it produces a scraping sound. When you consider that this sound might come from multiple offices and cubicles at the same time, it's elevating the ambient noise in the workplace. Rubber floor mats are a better choice because chair wheels roll quietly on them.

Desk Pads

Buying office furniture also involves shopping for various accessories that can complement the furniture. When you're buying desks, think about buying some desk pads, too. They're available at most furniture stores and are sold in different colors and sizes. A desk pad is ideal for cutting down on the noise in the office. It absorbs the impact of hard objects that people place on it. For example, setting a coffee cup on a desk pad is much quieter than setting it directly on the hard surface of the desk, helping to promote a quieter place of work.

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