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3 Design Ideas For Your Home Office

With the connectivity that computers offer, many people work from home. At the very least, they often bring work home. To that end, Home and Garden TV recommends making your home office a space that reflects the style and comfort of the rest of your home. Keep reading if you're looking for home office design inspiration.

1. Old-School Home Office

One option is to start with the traditional. An old-school home office can be a cozy space to complete your work or pay your bills.

The centerpiece of this home office is a wooden desk. You can opt for a truly old-school desk with the rolltop function. However, any substantial wood desk with craftsman detailing will work. All office chairs should be comfortable, but this particular chair should also be wood. Look for one that offers similar craftsman detailing.

For the rest of the office, try to keep the look eclectic. You can have favorite prints in colorful frames on the wall and a soft rug on the floor. Plants are a good way to promote the homey appeal of the old-school office.

2. Sleek Home Office

The opposite end of the spectrum is a modern home office. This style relies on sleek lines. Such a home office would be suitable for hosting clients.

For the sleek home office, your desk should show clean lines. Consider a glass and metal desk with no back panel if you can locate all your storage in a nearby cabinet. Otherwise, look for a minimalist desk with neat drawers. You could invest in an ergonomic chair because the unusual shape will work well with a sleek office.

When shopping for the rest of the décor, keep the lines sleek. For example, consider a club lamp with a simple, high gloss base. An abstract art print in a clean-lined frame would be an ideal décor piece.

3. Scandinavian-Style Home Office

The Scandinavian style sits somewhere between the above two ideas. It features clean lines but a homey appeal. A Scandinavian-style home office would suit most uses.

A Scandinavian desk is typically wood that's either painted white or that features a light finish. The legs are usually unadorned. You see some models with a row of pull-out drawers across the top. The chair should be simple but homey — think a pull-out chair with light upholstery.

For this style of home office, look into Scandinavian-inspired décor pieces. For example, you could add a lamp with a blue and white base because those are popular colors in the style. Naturally, an image from a Scandinavian county would complete the décor.

Choose a style for your home office furniture that fits with your décor preferences.