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Struggling With Back Pain? 3 Tips For Picking Out A New Office Chair

Making sure that you have a comfortable office chair can make all the difference when you're someone that struggles with chronic back pain. Whether you're having pain due to an injury or it's been a lifelong problem for you, learn how you can make sure that the office chair you use is comfortable.

Look for Lumbar Support

With the lumbar region of your back being one of the most sensitive towards uncomfortable chairs, look for an office chair that has lumbar support. Making sure that your office chair has built-in lumbar support or has the potential to add a pillow to add more support can make all the difference in preventing uncomfortable pain.

With this kind of lumbar support, you won't struggle to have your back supported, and you'll be able to work for longer periods without pain being an issue.

Make Sure the Height Is Adjustable

Being able to rest your feet on the ground is useful for being comfortable while you are sitting in your chair. This is why it's ideal to find an office chair that has an adjustable height that works for you. Along with ensuring that the chair can go up and down to suit different heights, you'll want to try sitting on it and adjusting it with the height of your desk in mind. This can help make sure that you won't struggle with an office chair that's uncomfortable to you.

Weigh the Pros and Cons of Armrests

Having comfortable armrests can seem great when you're lounging and watching something on the screen, but they may not be useful when you're working. You want to make sure that your arms are at a good height regarding your shoulders and neck. This can ensure that you're able to have an ergonomic seating position and won't struggle with being comfortable while you work.

Take a look at how different armrests can adjust to different heights. The right armrest height will increase your level of comfort while you work.

With the variety of office chairs and how much they can differ in the support that they offer, there's a lot of features that you should look for when you want to cut down on back pain that you could struggle with. With the above tips, narrowing down office chairs should be much easier and leave you with more choices to choose from after you've considered the price and style.