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What To Consider When You're Selecting The Perfect New Sectional Couch For Your Home

If you're looking for a new couch for your family room or home theater, consider buying a sectional sofa. A sectional couch offers plenty of seating room, and if you choose a modular style, you can arrange the pieces for the occasion. Here are things to look into when choosing a new sectional couch.

Seat Height and Depth

The height of the seat is an important consideration for a sofa you plan to use in a family or theater room. If you'll be lounging, you'll want a sofa with a lower and deeper seat so you can lean back and stretch out your legs comfortably. A sectional couch that has a higher seat is ideal for a family room or living room where you'll be sitting upright most of the time.

Size and Configuration

Some sectional couches are modular, so you can arrange the pieces to fit your room or push them all together to create a family bed for stormy nights or movie night. Other sofas come in fixed shapes, so if you get a chaise lounge, for instance, you'll want to make sure the chaise portion is on the right side for your room.

Getting the right size is important too, or you may end up with a couch that dominates the room and leaves a tight area for walking. Take measurements of your room so you know the maximum space the couch is allowed. Buy graph paper and make a floor plan so you can shade in the area to be occupied by the couch to verify there will be enough space for your TV, chairs, and other furniture you may want.

Style and Fabric

Sectional couches come in many styles. You might want an L-shape, U-shape, curved, chaise, sleeper, or modular sofa depending on the size and shape of your room. If the room is large, you can position the sofa away from the wall and make it the centerpiece for conversation and TV viewing. The sofa needs to be against the wall for a small room, and that could affect the style you need to buy.

You can also buy sectional couches covered in a variety of fabrics. If your sofa will be in a family or theater room, you'll want durable fabric that is easy to clean. Comfort is another consideration in fabric for a couch you'll be using frequently and maybe even sleeping on.

Visit a furniture store to see your choices in sectional couches so you get an idea of the sizes, shapes, and fabrics available. Match something you like with the space in your home and how you intend to use the sofa so you'll bring home the perfect sectional couch you'll love for years.